KB Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd. is committed to a strong and active safety program that protects our staff, our property and everyone we come into contact with. We promote safety in our workplace through safety training programs and safety meetings. 

KB Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd. holds a Certificate of Recognition (C.O.R.) under the Alberta Construction Safety Association. KB has also received the Certificate of Authorization under the Quality Control Program of the Alberta Boiler Safety Association.  

Employees at every level are responsible and accountable for the company safety initiatives. KB Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd. management ensures that all employees participate in the program and have the required safety equipment, training and procedures.  

Many KB employees have extensive post-journeyman training and certifications. KB strongly believes in continuing education and the continual evolution of equipment requires continual updating of knowledge. Many of our employees have the following certifications in addition to their journeyman tickets:  


First Aid 


Confined Space 

Fall arrest & safety 

CFC / HCFC / HFC Refrigerant Control & Handling 

Compressor Service 

Backflow & Cross Connection Certification 

Building Operator & Fourth Class Power Engineering 

Wood Energy Technical Training (WETT)