Duct Cleaning

KB Heating and Air Conditioning is happy to offer air duct cleaning across Southern Alberta. 

KB offers both residential and commercial vent duct cleaning.  Duct cleaning maximizes your heating and cooling indoor air quality in your business or home.

We are proud to be NADCA (North American Duct Cleaning Association) Certified.

Why should you use a NADCA Certified duct cleaner?

NADCA standards and certification are specified on a regular basis to ensure that HVAC systems are assessed, cleaned, and restored in a safe and efficient manner.
Members have significant knowledge of the tools and equipment that are necessary for each particular job.

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Duct Cleaning Benefits:

1. Save Money

With the high costs of energy, it has never been more important to ensure that your heating and cooling systems are running at top efficiency. Duct cleaning is an important part of the overall maintenance that can help save you money in energy bills and through prolonging the life of heating and cooling systems.

2. Better Health

Eliminating contaminants from your ducts helps to ensure the best possible indoor air quality which can help to minimize reaction to environmental sensitivity, allergies and asthma.

3. Improved Home Hygiene

Removing the dirt that is hidden from view will help you to reduce household dust and helps you clean and maintain your home quicker and more easily.

4. New Homes

You might not expect it, but a newly built home may have ducts that are clogged with construction materials such as wood shavings, drywall dust or carpet fibers. In addition, newer more airtight homes tend to have more recycled air which fills the ducts with less fresh air and more dust. A duct cleaning prior to moving into your new home will virtually eliminate these concerns and increase the enjoyment of your new home.

5. When You Move

Duct cleaning the home you are trying to sell can be a selling feature. It communicates that you take good care to maintain the home. Once moved, you will want to ensure that the ducts are cleaned so that you can start fresh, without having to inhale years of another family's dust and dirt.