A Simply Smarter Home

Automatic alerts on your mobile device keep you in the know when you are on the go. Take charge of your indoor comfort with a compatible Wi-Fi® thermostat. Wi-Fi® is a registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance Corporation.

Z-Wave® technology helps control lights, unlock doors or turn on small appliances. Keep an eye on your home – inside and out – with remote camera viewing wherever you are.

Wi-Fi® is a registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance Corporation.

Light Module:
Lights can be turned on or off, or dimmed without getting up

Cor Hub:
Designed to be placed within easy reach (or out of sight)

Smoke Detector:
Provides life-saving smoke monitoring

Glass-Break Sensor:
Instantly detects and sends a signal indicating broken glass

Door/Window Sensor:
Tells when a window is opened or left that way

Water Sensor:
Alerts to water leakage problems before they become expensive ones

Door Lock:
Locks or unlocks doors key-free, from a foot or a continent away

Outdoor Camera:
Keeps a watchful eye over things while homeowners are gone

Motion Sensor:

Cues lighting or simply alerts to movement within the home

Cor Wi-Fi® Thermostat:
Controls home climate anytime, remotely, from virtually anywhere

Carbon Monoxide Detector:
Protects families from the invisible threat of carbon monoxide 24/7

Best of all, homeowners can do it all from their smartphones or tablets